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I am so sicking of hearing about the new TMNT movie. And now, there's going to be a Power Rangers movie? I am beginning to understand why people hate on Millennials. (Sorry, Millennials. It's not you, it's the shitty pop culture you developed an attachment too at an early age. But my generation brought us Transformers so I can't be too mean.)

I actually did reread Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies. They have aged, and not all that well, but I've seen worse. Honestly, I'm just happy to see Tor do a reread of a series I ACTUALLY READ I am neither sick of talking about (GOT) or find completely uninteresting (WOT.)

I did some book review type things. These all seem like a long time ago. I just started the third in that Daniel Abraham series, though I dunno when I'll get the fourth because I need to get over to the B&N, and I also have a Star Wars book I need to read this month.

Speaking of Star Wars, everyone is going nuts for Mark Hamill's beard. Go figure. Also, I did math. It's been kinda slow. I am okay with this, but it is kinda boring.

So if you've been living under a rock, they announced (most of) the new Star Wars cast the other day. It was a bit controversial, naturally. I'm not over it exactly (particularly with how many folks took this as yet another opportunity to snipe) but I took a peace out last night and did some cast analysis today. It's pretty late (Well, in MY MIND it's late, because I Can Not Turn The Day Job Mentality Off) but I really needed a break.

There was the whole EU thing last week too, but that one was kind of a no-brainer, so. (Not that EU fandom hasn't frustrated me, but hey.) And I do find the new books kind of meh, but I will try them. Some of them. Maybe not the Tarkin one. (James?)

I actually have another opinion piece from the speculation realm brewing... Maybe for next week? We'll see how the weekend goes.

I can't really bring myself to recap the stuff over at the Wordpress blog, but if you're still here on LJ there's a feed, duncwp.

Shit shitty shit


I assume most everyone reading this will have already heard by now, but Aaron Allston died yesterday. He was a Star Wars author, and a Jader, but more importantly a great friend and awesome dude and this pretty much sucks.

The fandom reaction has been crazy, though. This is an immensely hard fandom to please but Aaron is about as beloved as it's possible to be beloved without actually appearing on screen or otherwise having anything to do with the films, I think.

I don't look forward to a JadeCon or a Celebration without Aaron. I met him at either my first or second GenCon, and I honestly cannot imagine a CJ event without him.

We've all been in and out of the chat room (old school!) and basically having an online wake. It's the next best thing, but... Damn. I don't know.


On Wordpress: The end of the Louie drama is in sight. His tail is so weeny, and I am curious to see how the fur grows back. Murphy's was never the same after his lion cuts... And I watched Flowers in the Attic, because duh. The counters are coming back Saturday. I hope they get to stay.

On CJ: Mark Hamill's AMA (That's Reddit for 'Q&A') is really good. J.J. Abrams actually said some stuff, as did Kathleen Kennedy. There's a Judi Dench rumor that really took off. The Stooge did this, it's great.

I ended up in a feminism/diversity thing the other day even though I know that dudes expecting a complete personal 101 class on this crap makes me kinda Hulk out. Oh, random straight white dudes, does my frustration at your inability to absorb/recall information from the last DOZEN times we’ve had this collective discussion disturb you? 'Cause I'm not really sorry. ::Kanye shrug::


On Wordpress: Ugh, kitchen. I have 1/4th of a countertop. Total first-world problem crap but I am basically in a shit mood for various reasons and this is not helping. (Is inspirational bullshit season over now? Because I have less patience for it than usual.) Louie is doing well, though. He'll probably get a partial bandage (just the cyst) next time.

Some idiot fuckwad doing a left turn out of Kroger almost hit my car this afternoon, but thankfully the main roads are clear and there was no one on my right so I was able to get the hell out of the way. Naturally, it's going to snow like a foot tomorrow, most of it at night. Nice knowing you, pavement. (Hey, maybe now that the stupid holidays THAT SOME OF US STILL HAVE TO WORK are over we could actually plow? Yes?)

On CJ: Well, the Marvel shoe dropped. Poor Dark Horse, it's not like this is because of anything they did. I then wrote a whole thing on if something similar could happen to Del Rey. In short: Maybe, but it could actually be a rawer deal for the books than what the comics are getting. Also, secret: It's pretty much a longer version of something I wrote right after the Disney sale.

Oh, and there was EU stuff in Yuletide, including two from rthstewart.

I also have the stats post to write (they are up,) and after stuff like the comments on the latest Sword of the Jedi post (and the FB one... UGH) I'm getting an urge to do another EU/EpVII smackdown opinion piece. I planned to do stats yesterday but then Marvel happened.



On Wordpress: Louie had an accident and an operation and now he is on the drugs. I even posted the first link to Facebook but apparently no one saw it and so when I posted the pic of him in a cone with the bandage people were like, "what?" Annnnd that's one reason I hate Facebook.

On CJ: Not much. Star Wars finally joined Tumblr and EpVII is less than two years away.
On Wordpress: My kitchen is a disaster zone, United States of Pop 2013, Doctor Who 50th (spoiler: I liked it,) recent reads, Flowers in the Attic trailer, talking 'bout CPoV and Thor.

On CJ: Uh, Indiana Jones? Been pretty underwhelming lately, though Santa Maul is prowling and the rumors continue to rumor.


House: Nothing to report on kitchen, except it's fall, and my freaking tree hung on as long as it could but finally started jettisoning leaves this week like crazy. Leaf massacre.

Blog: Loathing Boba Fett, because sometimes I need to get my rant on. (And, dude. Boba Fett. C'mon.) TV. Links for this week (Tiny Princess Thor!) and last week.

Star Wars: Release date. Meh.

Got tickets to Thor tomorrow! Hooray!



House stuff: Have cabinet delivery date, holding pattern. Hrm.

On CJ: Hey look, there was an official announcement. That sent fandom into a tizzy! Basically, you should listen to the new Full of Sith. I'm not even on it. I listened to THE WHOLE THING. Granted, I wouldn't do that if I was on it, but: It's good.

And multiple tweet embeds work actually load now! Praise Jebus.

On Wordpress: Oh hey look, I ranted. About Star Wars stuff. What's next? Something less disjointed, I think. Maybe something on the prequels and the fandom, because I just love me a powder keg. Or something.

Links of the week were on nuance. And Star Wars. Also, media stuff and Starbucks.

And in the past few days, thoughts on the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer and the latest Veronica Mars footage. VMars shippers: The worst?


House update: I bought a new dishwasher, because if you don't replace a 35-year-old dishwasher when redoing the kitchen, when do you replace it? (Nothing has started yet.)

On Wordpress: I have a bunch of drafts but the best one is kind of bitchy so I haven't decided if I want to post it yet. But I have been doing link posts: this week (Pacific Rim, Wicca novels,) last week (movie stuff, ugh Fitz) and before that (Breaking Bad, Detroit.) Also, podcast ranting and being on a podcast, because I am nothing if not contrary.

On CJ: Nothing much. Well, there was that Rebels thing at NYCC (shrug) and the movies might finally make it to digital next year, plus something about TV specials. Also I am so heartily sick of all this posturing over rumors of the release date. Basically all of fandom is in a holding pattern and news might hit on the 22nd or the 30th (all rumors/speculation, mind) and I don't even. If the fanboys weren't being so insufferable I'd say I was just zen on the whole thing at this point, but grr, fanboys. Oh, and that Mara statue. Meh.

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