March 17th, 2012


So, I finished the last Fate of the Jedi book, Apocalypse, today. It was... Erm. I'm not and haven't been particularly thrilled with this series, PLUS I totally spoiled myself for this one, so there wasn't much that surprised me, really. Granted, the spoilers made me think that LucasBooks or maybe just Denning had lost some marbles somewhere, so be warned if this is your first look at them.

I live-tweeted it, experimentally. Yes, there are spoilers at the link. And also snark. And I am vague, because, well, live-tweeting. Also, I drew shit. That's where it really gets freaky.

This book - and the back-half of this series - has really brought out the snark and bitterness. I didn't know I still had it in me to be this way over a book. Or well, books, since I read the last two of the series in just under a week.

Mostly I'm just glad it's over, though it did some things I am really not on board with. SPOILERS are behind the cut. Seriously, MASSIVE SPOILERS.Collapse )

Onward? I guess.

In other news, I am wearing some of China Glaze's Hunger Games nail polish - Fast Track. Not sure if it works with my skin tone, but I like it. Next week, for the movie, I plan to go with Riveting.

Also, I was at Target today, and ahead of me at the checkout were these two teenage girls, and THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT HUNGER GAMES. One was telling the other about some of the stuff they changed, but she had CLEARLY read the books. It was enough to melt my cold little geek heart. Rock on, teenagers. Rock on.

I am staying in for St Patrick's Day, because CRAZIES. Green Lantern is debuting on HBO. Should I dare? I dared. It was AWFUL. But I expected that.

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